Our Mission

Our mission at First UMC is to lead people in new life with Jesus. This is primarily about a relationship, a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. And we believe the clearest way to cultivate that relationship and to see our faith, isn't in what we say but in how we live.

Unlike churches which spend a lot of energy focusing on doctrines and dogma, we tend to focus on 5 Practices (or 5 habits) that help us grow in new life with Jesus: Worship, Grow, Serve, Give & Invite.

5 Practices that Unite Us:

To become a member of First UMC we ask you to attend Discover First to learn more about the church, and then we ask you to support the mission of First UMC through 5 Practices:

  1. To attend worship weekly unless we are sick or out of town; 

  2. To grow in faith through personal prayer and meet with a spiritual growth group; 

  3. To give a tithe (or if that is not possible at this moment to give in proportion of our income and be actively working towards tithing); 

  4. To serve regularly (at least quarterly) outside the walls of the church in missions and inside the church through ministry teams; and 

  5. To frequently (at least monthly) invite someone who isn’t actively involved in a church to worship at First UMC.

Our Staff


Mike Wondel

Lead Pastor

Pastor Mike moved here in 2015 from a small town North of Sikeston (St. Louis). He loves Blues Hockey, Cardinal Baseball, Bulldog Basketball & most importantly sharing Christ with people!


Jennifer Moxley


Pastor Jennifer grew up in Kennett, but thankfully settled in Sikeston. She loves awful jokes, coffee with friends, and inspiring others to grow in their faith.


Shelley Taylor

Church Administrator

Shelley has a beautiful family here in Sikeston, and has professional experience all across the board from school teacher to State Representative. She has a compassionate heart for people and truly wants to help the community.

IMG_9822 (1).jpg

Annie Lancaster

Ministry Intern


Harold Myrick

Traditions Leader


Jill Hopson

Connections Leader


Terri Matthews

Care Leader


Robin Meadows

First Kids Leader


Mike Moyers

Youth Director


Steve Beydler

Video Production


Sandy Brashear

Building Coordinator


Rachelle OGuinn

First Kids


Harry Howard


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